Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding Photography

You make the most beautiful products, design spectacular items and work very hard on your production side. Now you need people to see them in the best possible way. We all love the look of a beautiful object, don’t we? I can assist in taking images of your products, production line, offices and everything in between. This is such a unique niche for me because every time I visit a new company I am just blown away by how it all works. And there are normally so much to photograph. So it is a lot of fun for me and I try my best to make it quick, pain-free and fun for you as well. I do strive to use my time wisely while at your business, shooting according to guidelines provided by you but also adding in my creative style and getting you as many images as possible so you can use them over different media platforms and for a long period of time.

I have worked with the following companies: Engen Mitchell Park, So Scrumptious, Hamilton’s Gym, Country Mouse Picnic Blankets.


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