Food Photography

Something magic happens in my mind the moment I see a scrumptious and delicious photograph of food, whether it is in a magazine, or the numerous cookbooks I possess or on a menu. I actually often order from the pictures in a menu and not the menu itself! Coming from a hospitality background I think it was just a matter of time before photography and food were going to collide in my life! And then, of course, I do love eating! Styling food photography is creative and fun! There is never a shortage of colours and textures to play with. I love capturing the images of food to tell a story. I also enjoy the environment where the dish is prepared and served, which opens up more opportunities in which to bring together all of the aspects of a food photography session.

Most of my photo sessions were commissioned by the businesses, so a big shout out to Ill Maurice, The Daily Bagel, So Scrumptious and Dee’s Cafe.